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what is seo? Set up seo strategy to bring the web to the top

what is seo? Set up seo strategy to bring the web to the top
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No matter who you are, you’ve probably heard of SEO, A term is born but no one is going to think clearly as well as describe exactly what is SEO?

what is SEO? And how can you achieve success in SEO?

There are many questions to ask, Many of you have learned SEO and know what it is, But here I am not only explaining its definition, but also adding to the application and results that SEO brings.

what is SEO?

Let’s take a look at this picture first.


When you search for the keyword “BITCON”, you can see a variety of search results that Google gives you.

The first part, which says “Ad” means Google Adwords, the sequel is youtube video SEO and the next one without these words next to it is SEO (Search Engine Optimization – search engine).

You can read more SEO video youtube.

You often think that only the sites of large companies, with much traffic, will rise to the top, and of course, small businesses are not well known and less popular. Knowing will never stand in the top position.

You are completely wrong, the truth is not so.

All the top positions have methods to get up the rankings on google search engines, and the technical term referred to as SEO (Yes, I understand if you are a novice and read this article. ,

you may realize that “It turned out before, the top positions (top position) are all structured already!” – The truth is partly that)

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Seo’s job is to provide an up-to-date analysis of how search engine algorithms work, such as the “google panda, google penguin, zebra …”. The algorithm, using a combination of simple to complex algorithms. to put the site on the desired position – easy to understand, right?

Benefits of SEO

To us, this is really what everyone is waiting for! SEO offers many benefits in both the short and long-term for your development.

SEO includes many benefits that if you are a website developer, affiliate marketer or an investment then you should not ignore it. If you are still skeptical about the benefits of SEO, let’s go through some of the examples below.



As you can see in the example above Google ads has a service to display ads on the front page in the search results that you pay for each click on(Pay Per Click – PPC) It’s called Google Adwords.

google ads says It can be a great service to find leads for a website but make the following simple calculations:

Every single click on your landing page you lose $ 1, in a day you get 400 clicks on the ad you have to pay the $ 400. That is $ 12,000 per month and $ 144,000 per year for advertising costs with this tool. awesome is not it !!!!

I’m talking about low keyword competition, if you choose a highly competitive keyword, then you have to x2 the money you have to spend.

So if you want to show your website at the top of the search results page without spending too much money it is using SEO services or you SEO yourself if possible. That is a long-term investment and you will not have to spend money every day as using the form of PPC advertising Google Adword.

By targeting those customers who are in demand and actively looking for specific products or services on the internet, SEO provides you with better quality website access than other marketing strategies. Maximum cost savings for your business.


Target a specific customer

For example, you have the need to buy a “rice cooker”. You will immediately go to google search product information. Click-through rates for sites 1 through 10 will be reduced, and you will be a potential customer that the “rice cooker” vendors are eager to offer.

That’s called a potential customer.

Compared with other forms of online advertising such as Facebook ads, email marketing … You will not be able to control your potential customers. By choosing the right keywords, whenever someone goes to Google looking for information about a product that they would like to use, you will be extremely lucky to display the first page of search results…

From there they will click on your link and the chances of that person becoming your customer are 90% if you have good information and good deals on the product they are looking for.


Improved user experience

One of the key techniques for a successful SEO campaign is to constantly improve your website structure and content. This makes it easy for your search engine to find your website as well as easily find and find information on your site.

Search engines will have “robots” (also known as bots, spiders, etc.) searching for “clean” sites that they know and then collect data.

You have to remember that the search bot is not the same person although the search bot in 2018 is quite intelligent compared to a few years ago, it is still a machine and some programming activities.

All pictures and scripts on your website are only understood as characters. So you have to regularly update your web structure.

This helps the user more friendly and understands the web you are providing the information the customer needs.

seo strategy

Get great free traffic

According to unofficial statistics, one day there is about 1 million search information. Imagine having about 1000 users accessing your site provided by Google, which is free.

And of course, you do not advertise anywhere, just interested in writing and optimizing your posts for search-friendly queries.

seo strategy

Long-term benefits

As we mentioned above, if you use PPC advertising programs to promote your website on search engines or other forms of advertising, you have to pay every day, every month, every year. Can you afford it for 5 years, 10 years or your whole life?

But once you have learned SEO effectively in your website, your website will always be on the top of the page without you having to pay for it. Unless there is a better SEO opponent than you.

People search on google, they do not bother about reputable sites or not, they believe in google: “Google for the site at the top of page 1, means that the site is one of the top sites in this field”.

Your customers may not recognize, but Google search rank higher, they trust you more. SEO provides credibility to the business that is a benefit anyone would like to have.

seo strategy

SEO strategy help you succeed in 2018

seo strategy

There are many people who do not know, algorithms are constantly changing, which is a challenge and also a good thing to help users reach the right and the content that they need.

Being a “SEOER” must know how to adapt to every change, even if it is very small, which is why you have to constantly change and give a good SEO strategy to get a good position. Here is how we apply to get high rankings “SEO strategy 2018”

Video search and images will be greatly improved

In the early months of 2018, faster internet speeds, social media became more friendly, and the tipping point was that attracting more images and videos increased visual interaction, increased interoperability.

Accordingly, we will see some changes to the way that Google and other search engines process photos and videos in an online environment.

Companies like Moodstocks and Eyefluence (both acquired by Google) are seeking to identify visual elements in images and videos more precisely, boosting their position in positioning and is looking for ways to improve user interaction.

Specific examples like I have given are “video SEO youtube” in all the search engines.

Feature Snippet

Google has gradually increased the frequency and prominence of outstanding snippets – this is called ” top 0 ” short answers to questions users place in their search queries. However, in recent months the frequency of prominent excerpts has dropped dramatically.

seo strategy

Voice search will be noticed

Search customers just ask the virtual assistant tools like Siri, Alexa, Cortana or Google, then the assistant tools will help us make and provide a range of relevant search results and quality.

On the Android system and IOS, this feature has been extremely useful, most people use this feature to find information.

So we need to change the approach to thinking about the ranking signal and the development of voice search to make it easier for searchers to find us.

To do this in the article you must answer the following example questions:

what is it?

Where to buy it?

the use of how?

You have to know what your customer is asking, initially we collect all the questions and then sort and do not use stupid questions, and we succeeded.

User interaction

Today, the home of smartphones, people join the site sharing information such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, …The information contains links when users click on and will interact like share, like, comment …That proves they like that content.

google scores + points for SEO.

There are some people who know the user interaction will decide the top position of the web so they have developed it into a seo software and very good. with terrible results:

TWEETPUSH – Cyril Jeet

SYNDBUDDY – Joshua Zamora

X RANKER 360 2.0 – Joshua Zamora

These are the three best marketing software available today, ensuring you get to the top google after 24 hours.

Optimized for mobile

Steps taken:

1. Choose the right kind of structure for your website.

2. Edit to be compatible with your website’s source code, with the help of Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper.

3. Check with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

these are the ideas in the SEO 2108 strategy.

Thank you for reading this article


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