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Seo Video Youtube-How To Seo Video On Google’s Top

Seo Video Youtube-How To Seo Video On Google’s Top
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The new technology era starts, if we are slow, we will lose, the 4.0 era has started, ask what we have prepared, or what we have understood, like me, how do I Do you make VIDEO SEO, video streaming and how do you do it?

With such technology, Google always wants to attend all, there are Google products, we cannot ignore SEO. , so today we find out what we are thinking of the SEO site like.


what is SEO? what is seo youtube google?

Firstly I would like to talk a little about what is SEO?

SEO is also considered as a field in marketing, communication, and promotion,

as a marketing niche for search engine optimization people who provide the best way for a website…

Through SEO, administrators can place their websites on the SERP (search engine result page) with relevant keywords to increase traffic and compete with competitors…

SEO is a private job, a very independent but sometimes one of the advertising campaign of the administrator.

If you are aware of the importance of SEO, the administrator will reap a lot of success.

Earning huge sources of customers from the search engines.

The term SEO can also be used to refer to people who do search engine optimization work.

As consultants that offer optimization projects to their clients’ websites.

What is SEO video youtube google?

But before going to step by step to SEO Youtube video, let’s see some results of PVP

For example, here is a video that PVP was top 3 on Youtube and SEO video On Page 1 Of Google with a very competitive keyword that is “what is Google Adsense?”

youtube ranking your video BASED ON THE ELEMENTS?

#1 As many watching as possible: When you type any keyword into the search box on Youtube, you will receive results sorted by the view.

The more views, the higher your video opportunity will be.

#2 As much comment as possible: Like commenting on a blog, if the video receives a lot of comments it proves that the video is catching the attention of viewers.

And your video will also be ranked higher, so start a comment right below your video.

#3 share: How many people have shared your video on social networks like Facebook or Google+?

#4 Subscribe to the channel: If someone subscribes to your channel after watching a video.

this is a good signal for YouTube to find that your video has compelling content.

#5 Long videos are easy to get high ratings: Like text content, long content is always highly appreciated.

Therefore, create a video for at least 5 minutes or so.


pvp has a very detailed article on how to optimize the video SEO standards to support YouTube video work Youtube to the top.

However, pvp wants to emphasize that video with high-quality sound, images, long and attractive content will be easier to top.

Naming a video file containing keywords is a wise way that you tell Youtube what your video is about.


VIDEO TITLES-seo  youtube google

The title of the video must contain the keyword you are aiming for, preferably the keyword should appear first in the title.

the title length should not exceed 66 characters, the title too long will not help SEO. yours.



The Description section can be longer, should contain the opening keyword and associated keywords attached.

For example, if your keyword is “fast weight loss” then the relevant keywords will be diet, exercise HIIT…

For you want to lead people to see a certain action as clicking on your purchase link, do not forget to insert the link to the Description, attention should only insert the link to the first sentence.

so that the link does not. Shaded when youtube truncates your description.


TAGS- seo video youtube google

Please insert 5 – 7 keyword related to the Tag of the video, attention to put the primary keyword first into the Tag.

A little experience is that you go through the same video, the other high views, and see what they tag, tag a few tags just like their tags so.

your videos appear in the Related Videos section of the video. That too, this will also bring traffic to your video.


Whenever I write a blog post, ask yourself: Can I embed any of my videos to illustrate the article?

If you notice and regularly follow the posts of Ngoc, sure many times you see the video appear in the article content?

Also, do not forget to upload your video to Youtube, share it on social networks, and more views, like, share and comment.


Next, we will study the keyword.

Use Google Keyword Planner to learn keyword research for video SEO

Before uploading the video we usually use SEO tools to analyze keywords. In particular, Google Keyword Planner is one of the first choices of people.

This Google Keyword Planner helps you determine the number of monthly, global, country, citywide searches, and it also offers you several related keywords.

Through this Google Keyword Planner, you also assess the market’s NEEDS as well as the keyword’s LOW PRICE.

step 1: Visit Google Keyword Planner at the address:


You will be required to sign in to your Google account to use this service.


step 2: You will see the Google Keyword Planner interface as follows




With videos, you do not know which keywords to choose for SEO, use Google Keyword Planner to get the right suggestions. Often keywords with low search volume are a low level of competition and are very suitable for your SEO in the beginning.

Here are the simplest ways for you to Video SEO Youtube to achieve high rankings on both Youtube and Google. The last thing if you want to succeed on Youtube is to make videos with compelling content.

Youtube is a highly competitive social network, so if your video still has not received enough views, do not be too cautious. Be persistent in new success!

Wish you success on the Internet!


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