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SEO IN 2018
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SEO in 2018, What should we do to get to the top?

This is a guide to help you dominate Google’s search results in 2018.

This is not a prediction on SEO 2018. this is SEO trends 2018

Essentially, these are strategies that are operating in 2017 and they will work even better in 2018.

This article was written by Brian Dean’s The Definitive Guide To SEO In 2018. Backlinko is a world-famous SEO blog so you can trust its content.


Last year, Google announced RankBrain is the third most important algorithm in SEO (after Content and Backlink).

Google constantly updates this algorithm, so RankBrain will become more important by 2018.

What is RankBrain? How to optimize it?

RankBrain is a machine learning system used to help Google process search results.

Listen too complicated? But it is very simple and not complicated!

RankBrain is simply a measure of how users interact with search results and rank them accordingly.

I take an example for you to understand better: You search the keyword “wiiwdid.com” on Google. Result


Result #1You find very attractive, full of information you are needing, you quickly click on this result.

And when you read that … wow! This is the best article about “wiiwdid.com” you read. You slowly chew each word one by one.

Right now, RankBrain will note a plus for this # 1 result.

And it is likely that the # 1 ranking will increase in the near future.

Another situation.

You search the same keyword as above and immediately click on the # 2 results without thinking.

But oh … the content is bad. So, you exit immediately after a few seconds. Then you continue to click on the # 3 result and devour it.

RankBrain also recognizes this situation. And if the number of people like you gets the # 1 result is big enough, # 1 results will be hit by Google (# 3 boost).

In short, RankBrain focuses on two things:

Read Time (Dwell Time)
Click through rate
RankBrain is very interested in Dwell Time.

And a recent study of Search Metrics: They found that Dwell Time-averaged 10 of Google’s highest results of 3 minutes 10 seconds.

And it’s no coincidence that the pages with great Dwell Time tend to rank Google best.

This is very reasonable because: if you spend a lot of time to read the article then you certainly love the content of it!

There are many ways to increase Dwell Time: write long postings, insert video clips, but most importantly, still provide searchers with relevant and compelling content.

Click-Through-Rate is more about how title and meta description are attractive to searchers.

Good or bad, people click on the content, people exit, Dwell time is low, again nothing!

Post quality post and specialize in the content being written

The first days, Google bookmark your page based on the current performance from the key.

Considers Google will have visited site của bạn if an existing keyword from:

Title (title tag)
Path (URL)
Image description in the text (Image ALT text)
H1, H2
Meta description

This is a fertile ground for “keyword stuffing” to manipulate Google.

Today, Google still relies on these criteria (except meta tags). But Google is much smarter.

Instead of focusing on text content, it focuses on the context.

Also known as: So instead of only measuring content, they now focus on context

how is it?

Remember: Google’s # 1 job is to show their users the best results. And in most cases, the “best” result is not too much keyword stuffing.

Instead, the best sites will dig into a topic to talk about.

With in-depth content, Google searchers get everything they need in a single post.

In fact, studies of recent ranking factors show that in-depth content tends to rank the best in Google.

The top posts usually consist of about 8 small topics in it.


how to write quality and specialize in the content being written

  • the first condition: Posts must be at least 2000 words

With enough words like this, you have the opportunity to cover everything the searcher wants in one article. They do not have to go anywhere else.

Here is the average number of words in the article corresponding to the Google rankings:



  • Add LSI Keyword to the article

Once you have touched the 2,000-word divine, combine the LSI keyword into the article. It will help you be more friendly with Google.

Keyword LSI is the words and phrases associated with your page theme. It does not have to be synonymous.

For example, when you publish an article about “SEO 2018,” the LSI keywords would be:

social media marketing trends 2018

video trends 2018

digital advertising trends 2018

marketing trends in 2018

digital trends 2018

digital media trends 2018

seo strategies 2017


And when Google sees the above LSI keywords in your 2018 SEO article. He would think, “Great! This article clearly covers all topics about SEO 2018! ”

Instead of cramming a keyword “SEO 2018” like before, now you have many options, they are Google love and help your article more natural because not repeated a keyword repeatedly…

How to find LSI Keyword? You can try these two ways:

The first is the free LSI Graph tool.


Your job now is to select the keywords that are reasonable and add to the article.

The second tool is Google Search itself. Type keywords to optimize and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see results:

These are keyword related topics, have high search and Google aggregate (however less keyword suggestion than LSI Graph)



In 2016, Google announced that it would move to the index mobile version before the desktop version (mobile first index). However, this has not yet been implemented.

Before and now, Google indexes only on the desktop version.

But today, 60% of Google search comes from the phone, and this number is constantly increasing.

If the index is the same, this will cause unfairness between a website displaying the same on both the desktop and mobile and a site displaying poor on the mobile.

There will be three instances when deploying Mobile First Index:

Website support responsive: That is, the content is the same on both desktop and mobile. Therefore, there is no change in the index between the desktop and mobile, you do not need to worry

Mobile version differs from the desktop (computer): The website example is xyz.com. When you use your mobile to access this website, you will be redirected to another domain called m.xyz.com.

So when Google makes a mobile-first index, Google will only see the mobile version, without seeing the version on the computer.


Issues that arise when deploying:

-If the content is only available on a computer, it will not be known to Google.

-If the content on the mobile is less or less than on the computer. Google will index that short content.

This has a huge impact on SEO(seo trends 2018) when Google does not index enough content to reach the searcher.

No mobile version: 

Although little, but at the present time, there are still many old websites are not compatible with mobile devices.

Google still indexes websites that do not have this mobile version, but they certainly will not rank higher than the rest.

Mobile First Index Google intends to launch in 2017, but now they are turning to 2018.

Google is “humanitarian” in this situation when they do not want to hurt the site is not compatible with mobile devices.

Google wants to let the website owner prepare to switch to the responsive interface.

How to check the website for compatibility with a mobile device?

We use Google’s tool is Mobile Friendly Test


In case of incompatibility, it will give you some tips.

combined with video:

Online video has been growing stronger than ever.

According to Cisco research, online video will account for 80% of traffic by 2021. Exact: 80%!

Today, the video is rampant and sprouting up, but it’s still not satisfying. In HubSpot’s survey, 43% of searchers wanted to watch more videos.

What this means is: If you do not make a video, you are a failure. You can not develop by anyone else.

Youtube, youtube : 

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, just behind the Google Search Appliance.

The Huffington Post reported that the time spent on YouTube was 60% higher than last year.

Today’s teenagers have the habit of typing in the “YouTube search” bar instead of “Google search”


Do not skip this fertile land.

If you want to get more traffic from “SEO trends 2018” and earn money from this job in 2018, let’s gradually build the skill of creating video clips.

Did you know that over 55% of Google Search results contain at least one video clip in it, and most clips come from the Youtube channel?


This is really a great opportunity, why?

Most SEO are too lazy (know not to do) to make videos, be a pioneer because the road is empty.

For example, Brian Dean’s Youtube channel has fewer than 20 videos, but over 100,000 views per month. Too small for a small amount of capital.


Tip: embed video into the article (Youtube, Vimeo …). Meet the demand for watching videos that the searcher wants.

This also increases Dwell Time, which is another plus point of the RankBrain algorithm. And Google loves this. But not so for you to just embed video arbitrarily.


Voice Search will be an important milestone in the upcoming SEO.

Why? Take a look at the statistics:

40% of people perform voice searches at least once a day
Voice search has increased 35 times since 2008
20% of phone search is Voice Search

From these figures, a smart SEOer knows what to do to keep up with the voice search trend. It’s a must-have search.

How to Optimize Voice Seach?

First, your article must be at least Google! That is a necessary condition.

Secondly, if your article appears in the Featured Snippet category, you will have a great advantage. And then Google will apply to your website. You will have countless free hits.


Lastly, please insert the questions and answers in the text of your article. Be a good director.

Like “What is SEO?” And answer it right in the article.
You have to write in the form of a question:
What is it?
Where do you go to prison?
Who created it?
What does it do?
How to use it?

Google’s Voice Search algorithm is just that. It is closely related to Google Featured Snippet.


SEO 2018, there are many things to pay attention, right?

But do not forget the two most important classic: Content and Backlink!

If your article does not have good content, do not think about having a backlink (unless you created it yourself, PBN satellite site).
Your copy of someone else’s article, it’s a bad thing that Google does not like. I advise you not to do it.
Your content is creative, unique, interesting. That is what Google likes. earn +1 points in SEO 2018.

And when there are no backlinks, do not think about climbing the front page Google (with keyword competition)

And if you’re not on the front page: Do not think of the RankBrain, Voice Search algorithms here. This game is not for you! This lcus you please take a look at the content of your posts. Optimize it well, and write better next time. Normally if I see a good post, I do not need invitations to share or like. I also make myself share with my friends. Google will recognize and will +1 for your posts.

It’s no exaggeration to recall that Google claims content, links, and RankBrain are the three most important factors in ranking algorithms.

I would like to talk about backlink: What do you do google also know. So stay tuned for “backlink 2018”. it is a double-edged sword

Please pay attention to the natural element that googles mentioned.what is it? How do we do it? I will share in the next article.

Content and backlinks are, and will always be, the foundation of SEO.


done. That is all the first things we need to do for your SEO in early 2018.

It really is not a new one, the same one left over in the old. Please write accurately with Google as a user search, all about users and users who already have content. This is a valid SEO status and Google is always supportive of this.

According to you, SEO in 2018 has something to keep in mind? Look forward to hearing from you.


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